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What to do when you fail at gardening.

I admit it. Our first gardening attempt was a failure. Ok, maybe not a complete and total failure if the pictures I’ve posted are any indication but a failure in how we wanted it to be.

We were really interested in the container gardening. Just so we could start small and move the garden around as we worked on our backyard. Our yard is a mess, especially the porch area, so we really want to fix it up without having to worry that the spot we chose for our garden needs to be changed. The container garden was our solution for that.

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Uh Oh – When babies fall out of bed

Here we go again….

We’ve all been there. All of us have done it. This just sucks when it’s your baby and it’s the middle of the night.

My baby love fell out of our bed Monday night.

FAIL – SLEEP FAIL (because I was sleeping.)

I suppose I should give you the full story. Not just the “middle of the night” quick version. So here goes…

We had some friends over, I had some wine, we went to bed, she fell out of bed, we got up.

There. Story over!

Oh man. You caught me at the wine. Full story was not disclosed. Can you tell I’m dragging this out?

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