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Make a Color Matching Wheel with Paint Samples

I recently did an activity prep for my little lady. I wanted to focus on colors so I searched for some fun things we could try while I was home with her over the Forth of July week. One of the activities was color matching using free paint samples.

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How to make a Children’s Art Display with String and Clothes Pins

Art is very important. To me, at least. It is a way for me to be creative and use the side of my brain that I don’t get to use at work. Art helps me focus and relieve stress. Doing something on paper, instead of a computer, helps give my eyes a much needed break. Above all, I simply enjoy doing various forms of art.

Since I enjoy it so much and it helps me, art is something I incorporate in my weekends. That means Baby Love gets to do art, too!

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Types of Cloth Diapers

Here’s another big question I had when I first began cloth diapering. What kind should I get? How many should I get? There are so many types of cloth diapers out there. It makes it very difficult to identify which ones will work best for you and your baby.

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How to Make a Rainstick

When I was a kid, we had these toys that made the coolest sound. A sound that I always found comforting. They were so simple. We had a few of them and they each made slightly different sounds. I remember watching a show (I don’t remember what sho) that actually made music with these things.

I loved them, and still do. They are so cool! Now, I know they’re called a rain stick. I’m pretty sure there was a learning activity to go with playing with the stick but I don’t remeber it now.

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Uh Oh – When babies fall out of bed

Here we go again….

We’ve all been there. All of us have done it. This just sucks when it’s your baby and it’s the middle of the night.

My baby love fell out of our bed Monday night.

FAIL – SLEEP FAIL (because I was sleeping.)

I suppose I should give you the full story. Not just the “middle of the night” quick version. So here goes…

We had some friends over, I had some wine, we went to bed, she fell out of bed, we got up.

There. Story over!

Oh man. You caught me at the wine. Full story was not disclosed. Can you tell I’m dragging this out?

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Pom Poms & Pipe Cleaners Activity Board

A few months ago I made our second (of 3 so far) activity board. I had seen this video on Facebook by mamiblock. I really like these activity boards so I decided to try my hand at one.

Video is by mamiblock on YouTube.

I don’t have a lot of items I can use for activity boards so i just grabbed some things I had around the house. Pom Poms and Pie Cleaners, I have. Glue? I have that too. I had some extra fabric from another project so I grabbed a swatch of that for some texture play.

Items I used:

  • Poster Board – cut into forths
  • Cardboard
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pom Pom Balls
  • Christmas Bells
  • A few beads
  • Wire
  • Hot Glue
  • Hote Glue Gun
  • Box Knife
Gluing  pipe cleaners on the back of the poster board.

My girl loves helping me make things so I let her play with the cardboard while I cut out a rectangle and a heard from the poster board. She stole a few pipe cleaners and pom poms to play with too.

Once I had the holes cut, I cut down some cardboard to fit behind them. One hole has pipe cleaners in the back with cardbaord covering them. The other hole has the cardboard directly against the hole.

The final activity board.

Once the back was glued together, I flipped the board over. I glued a bunch of the larger pom poms to the heart shape. The size differences makes the texture fun so they were just placed randomly.

The pipe cleaners were already in place since I glued them down before I glued on the cardboard back but I didn’t like the unfinshed edge. To hid the edge, I lined the opening with a few pipe cleaners. I’m not sure I like it but the edge is at least hiden.

It looked pretty plain so I added the swatch of fabric to the top and grabbed a few bells from my studio. Glued both onto the board in different places. The bells hang and make a chiming sound since they’re loose.

She had more fun with the bag of pom poms…

All done!

You can see the activity board in the background. She decided to grab the bag of pom poms off the coffee table and proceeded to dump them everywhere! We turned it into a game though. I put the pom poms back into the bag and she dumped them. We played the game a few times then she helped put them back into the bag.

This board wasn’t a huge hit. She plays with it some. She prefers to play witht he back of the pipe cleaners and the bells more than the front textures. This board would be great for a baby around 6 months. Little miss loved textures when she was that age. Now she prefers to figure out how things work, cause and effect.


An Activity Board – Cardboard Tube Fun

I’ve been seeing these activity boards all over my Pinterest page and YouTube channel feeds. Since they are pretty awesome I made on this weekend. This is the third one I’ve made for my little miss.

Of course, before I made my first activity board I created a DIY – Baby and Kids Pinterest page. That came first and I put all kinds of things on that page, not just activity boards. I have limited time with my girl so that board is dedicated to all kinds of activities. I made this Baby & Kids Activity Boards & Bags YouTube playlist that is more dedicated to these activity boards.

At Christmas, my little miss played with all the rolls of wrapping paper (4 rolls to be exact) I had laying around. When we used all the paper on one roll, I gave her the tube. We had all kinds of fun. Bonking each other and putting those little pom poms down the tube. So…


I’ve been collecting these cardboard tubes when our paper towels run out just for this board and this weekend I had some time to put it all together.

Please forgive the mess. Real life is fun and often messy. I’m going to show you real life here, not doctored life.

Cardboard Tube Activity Board – Gather Supplies
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks for glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Paper Towel Rolls (I used 2)
  • Poster Board
First I cut one roll in half. Then I cut out a large rectangular notch from each half.
I cut the second roll into thirds and cut notches in those pieces as well.

I needed somewhere for the little pom poms to land so I cut the top off the bottle. It was pretty ragged so I cut it again to make it smoother.

Ignore that other board. I made that a few weeks ago. My babe brought it to me as I was cutting things so I just put it on the table.

Once I had all my pieces, I did a test layout on the board.


Let baby play with the board before everything is glued on and the glue is heating up
Once I wrestled the board back, I quickly glued everything in place. It’s a different layout, but oh well. It works still.
Take a break before you play… my sister and I went for long walk with a sleeping baby.
ACTION! Upside down but she gets the idea.