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Make a Color Matching Wheel with Paint Samples

I recently did an activity prep for my little lady. I wanted to focus on colors so I searched for some fun things we could try while I was home with her over the Forth of July week. One of the activities was color matching using free paint samples.

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How to Make a Rainstick

When I was a kid, we had these toys that made the coolest sound. A sound that I always found comforting. They were so simple. We had a few of them and they each made slightly different sounds. I remember watching a show (I don’t remember what sho) that actually made music with these things.

I loved them, and still do. They are so cool! Now, I know they’re called a rain stick. I’m pretty sure there was a learning activity to go with playing with the stick but I don’t remeber it now.

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How to make a Hula Hoop Chandelier a Disaster

The other weekend I made a hula hoop light for our play room. It’s not meant to give off a lot of light, just a nice soft glow. A glow that will give that feel of enchantment and whimsy.

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Making Play Dough

When I had my beautiful baby girl, I wondered what to do with her all day long. I remember doing all kinds of searches on Pinterest and saving hundreds of posts to my DIY – Baby & Kids page.

So many of those ideas were for toddlers but I did come across a blogger that posted some good ideas for babies, for both babies that do not have good head control and babies that do have good head control. Her blog is called Fun at Home with Kids.

The really funny thing is, at Christmas, my mom got me this woman’s book! She didn’t even know I had found the blogger and was going to try some of her activities. When I opened the gift, I got really excited. My mom didn’t understand so she asked me why I was so excited. I told her, I’ve been following this lady’s blog and was going to do some of the activities! This is great!

Best gift EVER!

Book by Fun at Home with Kids

We’ve done one activity out of this book so far. It was great! We did the recipe for Gluten Free Play Dough. It was a really good start since my sweet girl had just turned one. She wasn’t putting too much in her mouth at the time but she put enough in her mouth for me to be cautious.

One of the best things about this recipe, I had everything I needed right in my pantry!

  • Baby Rice Cereal
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Veggie Oil


Playing with gluten free play dough.

How nice! I’d love to post the full recipe or a photo of the book but it’s not mine so follow the link I posted above to get to her recipe.

It was really easy and quick to make. I was able to keep it in the fridge for a few days. When I took it out of the fridge, it was pretty crumbly and took some woman-power to soften up. Once it softened up, we had some more fun with it.

I look forward to doing more. I’m hoping we can do an activity from her book/blog every weekend.


Internet, Here I Come

Hello all! I’m Brittney and I’m writing my first post for this blog. I hope you enjoy it and come back for more. I love making things and being with my family so that is mostly what you’ll see here. Since my life is hectic with a dash of crazy, I invite you to come with me on my journey as a new momma, full time worker, and (eh hum) homely wife.

I’ve been delving into sewing this last year. Normally, I make jewelry but I put that on hold just before I birthed my baby. It’s been a pretty fun adventure learning a new medium and making things for my little lady.

This is just a taste of what you’ll see here.

I made this Mei Tai carrier last weekend for my sitter. I’ll delve more into the steps and materials I used later (not a full tutorial since there are a few GREAT ones out there).

Mai Tai

 Over the next few weeks, I plan to make 2 more! Here are the fabric’s I’ll be using.

Mai Tai

 And of course, I can’t make anything without my helper. She is such a little doll! If you’re wondering where the name for my blog came from, you should thank this little beauty. She says “uh oh” a zillion times a day. Especially if something falls.

She makes a perfect fabric weight.

Just look at that face!

Already great at measuring.