Meet the Crafting Momma

Just to be clear, I am horrible about talking about myself. Now that I’ve told you one secret (you can’t tell anyone!), it’s time to lay out a few more…


I work full time for a fantastic company and absolutely love the people I work with. My evenings and weekends are spent cooking, cleaning, playing with my baby, attempting to train for various Corporate Challenge sporting events, making things for my little lady, doing research for projects and executing those various crafting projects. Oh, and I run a jewelry business calledĀ Brie’Denee, but I put that on hold in October 2014 just before I gave birth.


This is me, Brittney.

(It was 2013 but I haven’t changed much. I just don’t have a good recent head shot.)

These women are my inspiration and my best friends.

Cruise 5 5-16-14
This is me, my sister and my mom.

Cruise 7 5-14-14

We have some serious times and lots of fun together.

This is my husband. He NEVER gives me a strait face for pictures. He’s my rock.
We also have a lot of fun!


This little lady is the light of my life. She joined our family January 1, 2015.

This is us.


Picasa - Pendants n Necklaces
These are some of the projects I’ve done over the years: Jewelry, painting, sewing, to show a few…

We are always on the go but I have a goalĀ to post on Mondays and Thursdays. I’ll post about anything and everything. From thoughts, feelings, and research on being a new momma, to crafts I’m working on and to projects around the house and yard. I’m not limiting myself to certain topics because I don’t limit what I do, research, feel or think in my life. I believe in living life as full as possible and being with the people I love as much as possible.

Visit back! I’d love to share my journey through life with you. I promise, if I make a mistake, I’ll do an “Uh Oh” post. If you’re wondering where the “Uh Oh” came from, my daughter says it about a thousand times a day when we drop ANYTHING or if she throws something. It’s super cute and fits perfectly.