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Make a Color Matching Wheel with Paint Samples

I recently did an activity prep for my little lady. I wanted to focus on colors so I searched for some fun things we could try while I was home with her over the Forth of July week. One of the activities was color matching using free paint samples.

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My Faborite Toddler Panties

Now that we’ve started potty training, we have needed to get little girl panties. I had the darndist time finding some that would fit my 15 month old.

Imagine, momma, daddy, and baby trolling the little girls panties section. Reading through all the sizes and not finding ANYTHING. Then, on a whim, we go search the little boys undies section. My sitter had told me they fit tighter and worked for her girl. Nada! We couldn’t even find 4T in the boys section.

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Potty and Poo Poo Go In The Potty Chair. Adventures in Potty Training

Where can I go after a title like that!?

This is a phrase I’ve been saying a lot lately. Basically, potty training is going phenomenal! However, I still say┬áthe phrase “potty goes in the potty chair” quite often. It’s a phrase I think I will probably continue saying for a while.

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How to Make a Rainstick

When I was a kid, we had these toys that made the coolest sound. A sound that I always found comforting. They were so simple. We had a few of them and they each made slightly different sounds. I remember watching a show (I don’t remember what sho) that actually made music with these things.

I loved them, and still do. They are so cool! Now, I know they’re called a rain stick. I’m pretty sure there was a learning activity to go with playing with the stick but I don’t remeber it now.

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