Your child will receive nutritious and balanced meals and snacks. If your child is here BY 8:00 AM there will be breakfast at 8:15 AM that consists of fruit or vegetables, grain component such as toast or a bagel (cereal is always their 2nd option) and milk. If your child is here BY 11:15 AM (for head count) they will have lunch at 11:45 AM which consists of a meat or protein, grain, two of vegetable and/or fruit, and milk. Our afternoon snack is at 4:00 PM and will contain 2 components of either milk, protein, vegetables, fruit or grains.

Whether or not your child will like what is offered, every child receives the same food on their plate. I encourage your child to taste the food with a no thank you bite but I do not force them to eat it.

If there are vegetables or fruits ready from the garden, we’ll go out and pick them to add to our snacks and meals.

Meals are mostly homemade with non-processed and fresh foods. I follow the USDA Meal Guidelines and Missouri CACFP for my menus.

**Note: If we have a child with peanut allergies, anything with peanut butter will be substituted with almond butter for all the children.

If you need ideas for meals and snacks, feel free to take a look at my meal plan in Excel (below). This is a very large file as it has pictures for each food and links to any recipes. It includes sheets with ideas for snacks & sides, breakfast, and main dish items followed by a weekly template layout. You just plug and play.

Checkout my Facebook Page and visit my albums for more ideas.

I also have lots of pins saved for recipes on my Pinterest page.

I’m always on the lookout for new meal and snack ideas so please share!

Meal Plan – Inquiring Minds Daycare