Daycare Setup

Inquiring Minds Daycare is located in North Kansas City, MO. I’m just outside of Gladstone at Highway 169 and 68th St.

The areas in our home are child-proofed and safe, well lit with lots of  educational toys and activities for structured and unstructured play. I offer a fun preschool curriculum consisting of activities designed by both Kids Learning for Life and Sicily’s Heart & Home. Activities include outside activities, STEAM activities, floor activities, and circle time activities, arts and crafts, reading, and movement. For infants, I will follow suggestions from “How Smart is Your Baby” by Glenn and Janet Doman.

My goal is to help prepare your child for starting school and life while having fun in a safe environment full of love.

Indoor Spaces

Daycare Room

The daycare is located in our front living area. There is a large window that is open during the day for maximum daylight. This room does not, and will not, have a TV.

In the entry there are hooks for bags and coats for each child as well as our parent board. There are also hanging files with your child’s artwork for the day as well as their daycare forms.

On the Parent Board you’ll find:

  • Newsletter
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Any upcoming special dates for the year
  • The month’s curriculum themes

The play area is well organized with many shelf’s of educational toys. I have a reading area that the kiddos all LOVE to sit and read.

The room is setup in semi-centers. This arrangement allows the children to make independent choices and work on fundamental skills.  I take pride in maintaining a well organized, clean and safe home.

  • Dramatic Play
    • Kitchen and baby strollers
  • Art Corner
    • Easel
  • Reading Nook
  • Dress Up and Infant
    • Found in the middle of the storage
  • Block Center
    • Multiple types of blocks and building toys are found on the large storage wall.

Nap time will be setup in the playroom. Cots are stored in the entry closet. They are pulled out for use then put away when done.


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Dining Room

We will use the dining room for the daycare for some meals and diaper changing. Children are allowed in the space but encouraged to stay in the daycare room.


From the kitchen stove and sink I can see just about every space in the daycare room or the family room. While I make meals, the children will be allowed to watch one 30-minute show, have free play in the play room, or assist me with various meal prep tasks.

All meals will be eaten in the kitchen at a child height table. I also love to do messy learning and sensory activities in the kitchen.

Inquiring Minds - Sensory 1

Family Room

This room is not necessarily part of the daycare but also not off-limits to the children. It is the only room on our main floor that hosts a television. The children will be invited into the room to watch one 30-minute show while I prep meals. The family room is also how we will access the backyard for outdoor play.

Main Floor 

All 4 of the rooms on the main floor are connected. The entries to each room make a large circle. It is immense fun to run the circle as an obstacle course or to use the route for other gross motor activities. I keep a clear path for running circles. Running between the rooms is allowed and even encouraged but limited as a group activity.


The bathroom is located up the stairs off the entry. We will have frequent bathroom breaks throughout the day, every 1-2 hours. Potty training chairs are easily accessible. The other rooms upstairs are blocked off with a baby gate.

Outdoor Space

Our outdoor play space is still in progress. The next big goal is to put in a fence. Children are never outside without supervision and will be taught to play within my view.

We have several push toys such as lawn mowers and rider toys available. Once the fence is up, we will setup a play set and a play house for the children. We have a large open space that is perfect for getting out our toddler pool and sprinklers as well as to encourage running play.

Outside we have a garden. I encourage the children to assist with the garden. We plant seeds, watch them grown, water the plants, weed, then get to pick the fruits of our labor. It’s truly incredible to plant a seed and to have growth appear after only a couple of days. I love watching the kids pick tomatoes from the garden for their snack or lunch. They absolutely LOVE it. Sometimes we just walk around and smell the plants.