Daily Schedule

Here’s a look at our daily schedule. This schedule is meant to give you an idea of your child’s day. Actual times and activities may vary depending on time of the year, weather, age and temperament of the children. Age appropriate activities are scheduled with the flexibility allowed to respond to the needs of each individual child and their various ages.

Please Note: If your child will be late to daycare, please let me know so I can plan meals and crafts accordingly. If you are off work and want to bring your child late, please bring your child before 9:00 AM. When your child sleeps in they disturb the whole group during nap time. Also, arriving in the middle of preschool time is VERY distracting to everyone. This causes unnecessary stress for your child, the other children at daycare, and myself.

Older Toddler/Preschooler (24 months and older)

Infant/Young Toddler (younger than 24 months)

Throughout each day we practice on reaching, grasping, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, throwing, catching, kicking, cooing and talking; whichever developmental stage your child happens to be in at the time. For a younger child still taking two three naps a day, additional naps will be incorporated into their schedule.

Babies will receive cuddles, love and affection and they’ll eat, poop, and sleep.