How to Make A Unicorn Horn

We’ve been reading “Bob is a Unicorn.” It’s a pretty cute book, at the end. Bob goes around to his friends, a bunch of other animals, to see if they can tell that he’s a unicorn. None of them can. They don’t seem to have an imagination. At the end, he meets a beautiful fairy that sees he is a unicorn.

In the spirit of this book I thought we could incorporate the imaginative play to our art time. So we made unicorn horns today.

What you Need

  • Paper towl roll (you can use a toilet paper roll)
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Elastic (I’m using an elastic headband that I’m cutting to fit my daughter’s head)
  • Glitter or other thungs to put/glue onto the “horn”

We had fun with this one. I had my daughter paint the paper towl roll and choose some glitter.

Look at the concentration.

Once the horn is painted, you can add the glitter. When the paint dries you can add flowers, sequins, beads, ribbon, or anything else your little ones heart desires.

Now to add the headband.

I poked 2 holes into the sides at one end of the toilet paper roll. I cut the headband so its no longer a circle then fit it around my daughters head. I squeezed the ends into the holes and toed them off.

The horn should fit snuggly on your childs head.

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