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Make a Color Matching Wheel with Paint Samples

I recently did an activity prep for my little lady. I wanted to focus on colors so I searched for some fun things we could try while I was home with her over the Forth of July week. One of the activities was color matching using free paint samples.

Getting paint samples is super easy. My mom was painting a room at her house and needed help choosing a color so Baby Love and I went with her. I grabbed a color sample in every color grouping I saw.

What You’re Making


What You’ll Need

  • Paint Chips – In a variety of colors
Color Wheel

I grabbed Green, Brown, Yellow, Purple, White, Black or Grey, Red, Pink and Blue. Just think of a Color Wheel. You don’t need every color. I probably went a bit too far since Baby Love is only a year and a half. Two or three colors would have been enough.

Here’s a color wheel I found through a Google search. This has even more color variations than I would put on the matching wheel until she’s older.


  • Paper Plates
  • Glue
  • Medium sized Clothes Pins – Plain


How to Make the Wheel

Cut Your Paint Chips

paint-wheel-cutting-stepWhen you go look at paint chips, you’ll see that some are skinny and some are wide. I chose to go with the wide ones. You’ll also notice that some brands give you shade variations while others are a single shade. I went with a shade variation since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, exactly.

If you have an older child and they’re ready for shade recognition, the ones with various shades of the same color would be perfect for them!

I had to cut my paint chips in half then cut apart the shade variations.

Glue The Paint Chips to the Clothes Pins and Paper Plate

paint-wheel-glue-stepThis is super easy. It takes some time, though. Basically, choose
an order for your paint chips and glue them to the paper plate. Then glue a matching color to the clothes pin. We’re doing a matching wheel so you need the shades to be the same.

I stacked them so they could dry and be out of the way. Didn’t want the baby to grab them and throw them around yet!

You’re All Done!!

Wow that was easy. Once everything is dry, you can clip the pins to the paper to their corresponding colors.

Go Have Fun






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