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My Faborite Toddler Panties

Now that we’ve started potty training, we have needed to get little girl panties. I had the darndist time finding some that would fit my 15 month old.

Imagine, momma, daddy, and baby trolling the little girls panties section. Reading through all the sizes and not finding ANYTHING. Then, on a whim, we go search the little boys undies section. My sitter had told me they fit tighter and worked for her girl. Nada! We couldn’t even find 4T in the boys section.

I looked at Wal-Mart and Target. The smallest size I could find was 4T. I didn’t remember seeing panties at Babies-R-Us so I didn’t waste my time by searching there.

Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I went to my favorite online shopping venue of

(Side note…I am NOT an affiliate. Not for lack of want but due to the state I live in. Total BS if you ask me. Imagine a sad/mad face here and tack on a glare.)

Since I had to order panties, I figured I’d try a few different types to see what we liked the best. Baby Love doesn’t seem to care what she’s wearing… size, style, color, characters… none of them seem to matter to her so this is based on MY preferences.

I Purchased:

Inking Cotton Striped Underwear Girl Toddler Hipster Briefs
Disney Frozen toddler Girls Brief Panties
Fruit of the Loom Little Girls Wardrobe Briefs
Danawear Little Girls’ Solid & Print 

All are in the size labeled 2T-3T and range from $9-$16 per package of 6-10 panties. I bought them when my daughter was about 22 pounds and she’s now around 24 pounds.

I’m going to be honest, we go through a LOT  of panties a week. We wash pretty much every pair we have just about every weekend. That is no joke. They’ve all done really well, too. Other then some poo stains, we have no holes, no torn seams and the elastic is wearing well.

The fit… all are not made equal. Same with the quality of the cotton.

Positives & Negatives of Each Brand

1. Inking Cotton Striped Underwear Girl Toddler Hipster Briefs 6-pack

These ones are my favorite. Of course, as my husband would say, they’re also the most expensive. Here are some pros and cons for them…


  • These are so soft! They are 100% cotton but not all cotton is made equal. I pulled them out of the package and after feeling them, I wanted to rub them on my face, they were so soft. Some of my panties Inking Cotton Striped Hipster Briefs 2T-3Taren’t even this soft.
  • They have a nice stretch. To me, that means they aren’t too tight on my girl but they’re also not too large. There’s not a lot of “baggage” space left when she wears these.
  • They fully cup her bottom. Ok, that sounds weird but stay with me here. Due to the shape of the back vs front and the leg holes, these panties don’t give her wedgies. These are amazing! I seriously want some. One of the worst things, for me, is going through my day (usually sitting) then getting up and having a massive wedgie from my panties riding up. Then I just walk weird trying to discreetly get the material out of my crack but I end up looking like a crazy person. HAHA
  • They fit her really well. I mentioned that they fully cup her bottom already. They also do not dig into her tummy. That might change as she gets older and bigger but they are a really good fit right now.
  • So far, they’ve washed really well. I haven’t seen any loos strings or unraveling of the material and no holes.
  • They’re really cute on. They all have the same character so it’s just the color that we have to decide on. If your kid is really focused on the character, then these will reduce some of the battle.


  • They stain. But really, anything cotton is going to stain when they’re pooped in. The bright side, the stains aren’t as deep as some of the other materials. I’ve been able to either get the stains out or reduce their appearance with regular washing.
  • The care instructions say to “hand wash.” Let’s just air this out right now. I do NOT hand wash. ANYTHING. I was a little concerned with that when I saw it but decided to give them a go. They are holding up beautifully with weekly washing in the machine.
  • They are the most expensive at $16 per package of 6. So worth the cost, though.

2. Disney Frozen toddler Girls Brief Panties

These are my second favorite. They have the next best fit and the cotton is soft. They’re not as soft as the Inkling panties.


  • They are soft but not as soft as the Inkling panties. They’re similar to Hanes. Disney Frozen Toddler Brief Panties
  • The fit is nice. Not as “cupping” around the bottom as the Inkling but they do a nice job. I’ve noticed that they don’t ride up as bad as the Fruit of the Loom panties.
  • The leg holes are nice and large so they don’t pinch at the leg crease.
  • These also wash well. No holes or fraying, as of yet.
  • They’re cute. My girl doesn’t seem to care if there is a character or not but I think they’re pretty cute. Each panty has a different character and some are just a repeating print over the whole material.


  • The fit isn’t perfect. These do ride up the crack some.
  • The white cotton stains pretty bad. I haven’t had much luck in getting the poo staining out so you can definitely tell which pairs were soiled.
  • Although more affordable than the Inkling, these are still on the more costly side at $10.29 for a package of 7 panties.


3. Fruit of the Loom Little Girls Wardrobe Briefs

These are decent panties.Overall, they’re a good price, fit well and are pretty cute. I’d say these compete for my #2 favorite with the Disney Frozen. The reason they made #3 instead of #2 is mainly the cuteness factor.


  • The fit on these are pretty nice. They fit snugly on my 24 pound toddler. I don’t know Fruit of the Loom Girls Brief Pantieshow long she’ll be able to wear them but these are exactly the sizing we needed for her.
  • The waist fit is nice. They have a slightly higher waist line so they don’t ride low. They also don’t cut into her tummy.


  • They’re soft but a little stiff. With a few rounds in the wash they’ve softened up more but the cotton is definitely not a very high quality.
  • These have more of a tendency to be in her crack when I assist her to go potty or when I have to change her. I think it is just because there is less fabric to go around the bottom for that “cupping” effect. They don’t slide as bad as the Danawear but I think that is due to them be tighter.
  • The material is a little thin. These aren’t a set that I’d keep long term.


4. Danawear Little Girls Solid & Print 10 Pack Girls Briefs 

These are pretty cute, but they’re also on the larger side. They will probably be just right if my girl were closer to the 3T size. She’s not even technically 2T since she still wears 18 month size.


  • These are a standard cotton. I relate them to my adult Hanes. Of course, mine areDanawear Little Girls Brief Panties hipsters.
  • They’ve washed pretty well. So far, all the elastic has held and no strings have been found.
  • These were the least expensive option. I got 10 pairs of panties for $9.99.


  • I was really looking for the 2T size. Something that would fit her NOW and not for something to fit her in a year or so. These are just too big for what we are needing right now.
  • The fit on them is hard to really tell since they’re too big for her. It looks like they’ll go to mid-waist once she fits into them. Right now, they go almost to her belly button if I pull them taught. They usually stay at mid-waist and have an extra poof of material. I know that can’t be too comfortable but she doesn’t seem to mind.


Best Toddler Panties 3

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