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What to do when you fail at gardening.

I admit it. Our first gardening attempt was a failure. Ok, maybe not a complete and total failure if the pictures I’ve posted are any indication but a failure in how we wanted it to be.

We were really interested in the container gardening. Just so we could start small and move the garden around as we worked on our backyard. Our yard is a mess, especially the porch area, so we really want to fix it up without having to worry that the spot we chose for our garden needs to be changed. The container garden was our solution for that.

Well, the boxes for our garden…yeah…umm…they fell apart.

Garden Box Collapse

In all honesty, the bottoms were bowing out after we put the gravel and dirt into them. We knew it was just a matter of time.

We didn’t expect to have a week of rain two weeks after we finished the boxes.

I’m pretty sure the issue was the position of the bottom. Hubby had screwed the base board to, well, the bottom of the frame. I think it might have lasted if the base board with the frame screwed around it. That way the screws would go horizontal instead of vertical and hopefully not have gravity as an issue.

As you can see, our plants survived the initial fall. In fact, they thrived! With all that rain and loose dirt, they went wild.

Garden Growth

The Fix

We weren’t ready for it but the fact is, the plants are too big for the space we originally gave them. We would have had to take them out of the boxes for next year, they’re growing so much.

The tomatoe plants are practially on top of each other. Although on the smaller side right now, I expect the pepper plants will take off when given more space.

Overall, we are pleasanty surprised at how well the garden is doing so far. We are even ready to harvest some of the lettuce and kale!

Now that our two issues have been identified (the collapse of the boxes and lack of space), we’ve decided to give the garden a more permanent home. We chose a 5 x 7 foot space closer to our hose that we’ll till up and transplant.

Last weekend we purchased some yard stakes and pliable fencing to go around the garden. A few weeks ago some animal decided to give our lettuce a try so we’d like to deter that animal in the future.

We also got some trellis for our blackberries and raspberries.

I’m excited to have the garden fully put together.

Garden Fun

What’s a little gardening without a toddler putting a paint brush through the fencing?

How’s your garden coming along?

2 thoughts on “What to do when you fail at gardening.”

  1. This isn’t a garden failure, it’s an accidental success!
    It might be a raised bed failure lol but what a great result for such an unfortunate event! So glad to hear it’s all thriving!
    Our garden is really hit or miss this year. Most of the herbs EXPLODED, a handful of veggies are really thriving, then another handful just completely died.
    Next year I have to better study up about companion planting and we have to be more diligent about soil pH.

    Any tomatoes popping yet?


    1. We have several tomatoes growing in! Baby Love keeps trying to pick them when i show her. She just loves tomatoes.

      I’ll do another update once we get everything transplanted.

      Hopefully next year goes better!


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