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It’s Not Too Early to Potty Train your 12 Month Old Toddler

Last week I purchased an eBook by Becky Mansfield called Potty Train in a Weekend. I’ve read it cover to cover now (well, virtually cover to cover). I think we’re ready to give this a go.

There are a few key components Becky mentions in her book to identify if your child is ready to potty train. I’ve been seeing these signs in my baby love for a few months now and we actually have a really good foundation for potty training.


Back in January when baby love was learning how to walk, she was extremely interested in what I was doing in the bathroom. She has come to the bathroom with me since day 1 so it’s a very familiar room. When she was 6 months old, I found a great little potty chair at a consignment show for $9 and purchased it immediately!

I stored the chair in her bedroom since we didn’t have room in our bathroom and she’d play with it. Once she started walking I moved the chair to the bathroom. I figure, if a child can walk then we should be able to start potty training.

With the goal of being potty trained by 18 months in the back of my mind, I taught her the sign for Potty. She would be interested in the chair while I used the toilet so I’d pull her britches down and have her sit. Through the last few months, she’s gotten better and better at using her potty. She doesn’t tell me when she has to go but she will GO when given the opportunity.

I’d say we’re ready to give this our full attention.

Having fun on her potty chair.

Trying to Wipe

She loves grabbing the toilet paper from me and “wiping” her lady parts. She usually just ends up pushing the little square into the¬†potty or putting it in the large toilet, but that’s fine. I learned quickly to give her 1 square at a time. Otherwise, the length of paper gets in the potty and she’ll bring the whole thing out. YUK!

This little lady also loves to grab the wipes from me and “clean” her little potty (after I’ve dumped it and wiped it down, of course!). It’s so cute to watch her pick up the parts of the potty and wipe them down. Mimicking what I do to it.

Having a Dry Diaper for More than an Hour

Done. She’s gone several hours with a dry diaper. Her overnight diaper, some mornings, is very light and she’ll do her business in her little potty chair.

When we’ve gone out to restaurants, I’ve taken her to the restroom to sit on the toilet before and after dinner. Sometimes, she’ll go and sometimes she won’t but she’s usually dry until we get home. I bought a little travel potty that just lays on top of the large toilet and provides her a seat so she doesn’t fall in. I love that this seat just folds up and fits in our diaper bag so easily.

Some other things I’ve noticed that tell me she’s ready…

She has the ability to tell me when she needs to go.

By this I mean that she’ll use her sign for potty sometimes. She’ll also say potty. Often, she’ll have gone by the time I get her to the potty but she’s capable of telling me.

Our sitter put her in panties the other day and gave a rave review.

The other day while she was wearing the panties, baby love didn’t wet in them. My sitter had brought the potty chair to the main room so she’d be able to watch the other children she cares for. Baby love held her potty, went over to the chair, sat down and proceeded to potty. Of course, she didn’t realize she needed to pull down the panties but she understood that she needed to use the chair.

We got this!

Wish us luck. We’re going to really focus on getting potty trained next week while both my husband and I are off work. I’m excited to take her to get her some panties on Saturday.

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