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Gardening Plants

The other week I posted a few questions regarding gardening. I think the first two I’ll tackle is: What do are our goals for the garden? and What will we grow?

This makes sense since what we will grow will dictate the size of the garden. The size needs will dictate where the garden will go in our backyard. The size will also dictate how much the garden will cost.

To answer the first question of our goals…

  • Save money (isn’t that a goal for everyone?)
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals in our fresh foods
  • Be more self sufficient
  • Eat and be more healthy. Food always tastes better if you’ve grown it yourself or was grown by someone you know.
  • Learn how to do something with real life application and teach my kids along the way
  • Lower our carbon footprint

That brings me to the next question. What do we want to grow?

I love Pinterest. I use it for all kinds of topics and saving research. My board Home – Outside has lots of garden related posts. This is how I found that lavender and mint are natural mosquito and spider deterrents. My husband and I can’t stand spiders! I love lavender and mint too so I figure this is a great place to start. There were other plants listed as good natural repellents but these two speak to me. Apparently both can really take over the space they’re given to grow in, and much more, so I’m thinking of potting them.

Plants from Lowes

Speaking of potting, I received a visit from a co-worker of mine. He’s been doing Container Gardening for the last few years and had some GREAT tips that will help me through this journey! I shared those in my Container Gardening post. Thank you Lawrence!

We eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. I think my baby love is borderline vegetarian as well since she eats very little meat. It’s just not appealing or palatable or something. We offer but she tends to avoid it so I make sure she gets plenty of beans and nuts with her fruits and veggies.

With that in mind, we want to grow a good assortment of fruits and vegetables that I know we currently eat. We went to a local non-profit farm called Cultivate Kansas City two weekends ago and picked up some organic starter plants.

What we bought:

  • 2 Types of Sweet Pepper plants (like bell peppers)
  • 2 Types of regular size Tomato plants
  • 1 Cherry Tomato plant
  • 1 Yellow Leafy Lettuce plant
  • 1 Red Leafy Lettuce plant
  • 2 Mint plants
  • 1 package of carrot seeds
  • 2 Lavender plants (purchased at Lowes since they weren’t available at Cultivate KC)
  • 1 Blackberry Bush (got from a local friend)
  • 1 Raspberry Bush (got from the same local friend)
  • 1 Violet plant (dug up from my own back yard and transplanted to a pot)
Garden Starters
The beginnings of our veggie and herb garden.

Some additional veggies & fruits we want:

  • 1 Pear Tree
  • 1 Cherry Tree
  • 1 Peach Tree
  • 2 Strawberry plants
  • 1 Rosemary
  • 1 Basil
  • 1 Brussel Sprouts plant
  • 1  Romain Lettuce plant

Next year we may add more to this list. It will depend on how well we do with this assortment. I’m trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can so I don’t kill any of these.

I planted the Lavender in a large pot and each mint plant in it’s own pot. Eventually, I’ll probably transfer them to either larger containers or find a place around the house for them. For now, I just wanted to get them planted in their own spaces so the wind would stop knocking them over! Our large container still needs holes in the bottom and then I can plant the rest of our veggies.

Wish us luck on our garden. What fruits and veggies are you growing this year?


1 thought on “Gardening Plants”

  1. If you’re interested in trying to raise young fruit trees to bear fruit, I’ll try to propagate a peach and cherry tree for you from cuttings!
    I haven’t successfully done this yet and it would take a couple years to fully establish, but it could be a fun adventure. 🙂


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