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Uh Oh – When babies fall out of bed

Here we go again….

We’ve all been there. All of us have done it. This just sucks when it’s your baby and it’s the middle of the night.

My baby love fell out of our bed Monday night.

FAIL – SLEEP FAIL (because I was sleeping.)

I suppose I should give you the full story. Not just the “middle of the night” quick version. So here goes…

We had some friends over, I had some wine, we went to bed, she fell out of bed, we got up.

There. Story over!

Oh man. You caught me at the wine. Full story was not disclosed. Can you tell I’m dragging this out?

Starting from the beginning…

We had some friends over. An old high school friend and I became reacquainted late last year. After some messaging, we realized we had little ones that were 2 months apart, and I mean exactly 2 months apart. Ever since, we’ve been thick as thieves.

Well, we had her, her boyfriend, and their baby over for dinner and a play date on Monday. Mike grilled some burgers and chicken, I made us a green goddess salad and steamed from broccoli and carrots for the two littles. They brought some wine for us to share.

While the food cooked, we took the two babies (toddlers?) outside to play in the yard and brought them back in to eat. My girl LOVES being outside so she fought coming in but came around when I put a plate of food in front of her.

With children running around, my friend and I finished up our meal and had a second glass of wine. I rarely drink and when I do drink, it’s usually only 1 glass of wine. So I was feeling pretty good after 2.

At the end of the night, they left and I took my sweet girl upstairs to get her jammies on and get milk. Due to the schedule change and all the play, she wasn’t really ready to call it a night so she came with me as I got her bags ready for the next day. I tried the rocking chair one more time and when that still didn’t work, I laid down in bed with her.

Of course, with 2 glasses of wine, I was still feeling it a little. When I’d rotate us to the other side, my head spun a little. Nothing major, just some dizziness. Anyway, I fell asleep with her snuggled close. I’m not sure when I woke, but I did wake up and take her to her own bed at some point.

This was a long night. I woke again around 1:00 AM and tossed and turned. Didn’t get back to sleep until close to 2:00 AM. Then she woke up around 2:40 AM wanting me. So I brought her back to our bed and gave her some more milk.

We had nursed on the left side (toward the middle of the bed) last so I put her on my right. When she’s on that side, I get as close to my husband as possible so she’s not right on the edge and this night was no different. She had a good 10-12 inches past her to the edge. She was back asleep pretty quickly and I was asleep around 3:00 AM.

Total bed take over

Next thing I know, I hear a THUD followed closely by a loud cry and my husband literally jumping out of bed and loudly saying “Oh God!”

She had fallen out of the bed!

Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. I have a night stand and she could have easily hit herself on it. We were lucky she missed it. I picked her up and rocked her for a little while. Telling her she’s ok, that I’m here. She calmed down and was back to sleep on my chest in under 5 minutes.

Sleeping with my girl
I love taking naps with my girl.

I took her back to her own bed where she stayed until 5:00 AM. Well, I couldn’t get back to sleep, not for another 40 minutes or so. I went searching for my phone since it wasn’t on my night stand and my brain just wouldn’t shut back down. Needless to say (I’ll say it anyway), it was a really long night.

I felt horrible but was also on the verge of laughing hysterically. You know that moment when you’re wide awake, so tired, worried, and relieved that you just get slap happy? That’s where I was.

Well, hopefully she doesn’t fall out of the bed again. I’m sure it will happen again as she learns to sleep in her own bed without the rails but I can hope!

I don’t have a good picture of our bed so here’s a video of her getting off the bed for the first time to give you an idea of the height.

Has your little one fallen off the bed? Tell me your story.

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