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Making Foaming Dough

So I wanted to get this posted on Saturday. Clearly that didn’t happen. Better late than never!

Earlier this week, I was home with my baby. Our sitter’s child was ill and she recommended that we not bring our little lady over until our sitter was able to get her child to a doctor. That means momma gets to work from home.

After nap time, my sweet girl had tons of energy so I figured I’d clock out of work and give her my undivided attention. So we played, ran around the house, and did an activity out of our book. I made her some foaming dough. Oh my goodness! This stuff kept her entertained for probably 20 minutes! It was so fun watching her play in this stuff. We both needed a bath at the end and I had to clean up the ENTIRE kitchen, but it was well worth it!

Screen Free Activities

This was another super easy recipe. Again, I already had everything in my cabinents for this dough.

Since it’s not my recipe, here’s the link to her post: Fun at Home with Kids – Foaming Dough Snowman.

Basic Ingredients:
Baking Soda
Dish SoapĀ (I used Dawn)
Additional Supplies:
Food Coloring
Waterproof Tray
Squart Bottle or Condiment Bottle
Strait from my cabinet.

She recommends liquid food coloring but all I have is gel. It worked fine. I will say that when I added the gel to the baking soda and salt mixture, it didn’t look like it colored the mixture. The gel formed little beads that I “cut” into the mixture. Similar to cutting butter into flour for biscuits.

In the book she mentions that the mixture shouldn’t be too wet. It should actually be more dry to the touch. I think I got ours too wet. It looked a lot like lime sherbert. Made me want to eat it! Yum! It still worked and we were able to get lots of foaming bubbles.

Foaming Dough & Bubbles
Here’s what our foaming dough looked like.

My little lady was so cute playing. She was absolutely facinated with reaction of the vinegar and baking soda. I was very impressed by her hand motor control too. I thought for sure she’d squirt vinegar all over the floor! Alas, she proved me wrong and only squirted it into the little container. After she got all the reactions she could out of squirting, I gave her a spoon and let her dig in it. She took it a step further after a while and started splashing.

Our play started out pretty clean. Of course, with a baby, things don’t stay clean. After about 20 minutes, squirting a bottle, playing with a spoon and splashing, she was absolutely covered! My hands were so dried out after mixing it and cleaning up the counter than I was concerned for her hands, and feet, and face, and legs, and arms, and anywhere else she may have gotten the stuff so I called it a day. I think she would have played for a while more though. She got mad at me when I put it on the counter!

After I got us both all cleaned up, I used the left over mixture to clean my counters, stove, and floor. Baking soda and vinegar are fantastic cleaning agents so it was the next logical step. I had a sparkling kitchen by the end of the day and lots of fun with my little lady.

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