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5 Ways to Help Your Baby Feel Better

My baby is battling with the flu. Her little immune system is fighting hard to kill the virus attacking it. The fight made her temperature spike, her nose run, her little body ache, and made her cough and sneeze. She has been miserable.

Through this experience, I’ve learned a few things that I am happy to share.

  1. Trust your momma gut!
    • That means call your doctor (or don’t).
    • Take your little one to the doctor (or don’t).
    • You know your child. You know the most about your child’s symptoms and circumstances. Trust yourself if you think something is off or wrong and never let anyone else tell you that your concerns are invalid.
    • Is 5 days with a fever too long? You decide. It is too long for me.
    • What temperature sets off warning bells for you? My warning temp was 102 degrees.
    • What temperature do you begin giving medication? I start around 100 degrees. That is what I am comfortable with.


2. Do what you think is best.

    • If you think you should take your little ones temperature every hour, then take it every hour. If every 5 hours makes more sense for you or just when your little one begins to feel super hot, then go with that.
    • If you think essential oils will help, then use them.
    • If you think a humidifier or dehumidifier will help, then use it.
    • If you think infant or children’s medication will help, then use it. (Be sure to follow the directions on the label)
    • If you think a sick day means lying around and watching movies, then do it.


3. Be with your baby.

    • This is all your little one wants. Your baby wants YOU. Your baby is hurting, doesn’t understand why and only wants hugs and snuggles with the person they love and trust the most. You are the one that makes your little one feel safe.


4. Snuggle with your baby

    • Refer to number 3. Your baby wants you. That may means you hold her while you go potty. You hold her while you prepare any and all meals. You hold her while you do the dishes and laundry.
    • We snuggle all day long. We snuggle on the couch. We snuggle in mommy and daddy’s bed. We snuggle on the floor. Where ever my girl wants to be, that’s where I go and snuggle with her.


5. If your baby is willing to play, play with the toys your baby enjoys the most.

    • My girl loves this set of stacking cups and Ikea stacking rings. She didn’t really want to play much but when I brought these toys upstairs, she played with them some.
    • I was cleaning off a little side table I keep in our bedroom and had put some Vitamine C cough drops on our bed. She loved the sound of the bag crinkling and pouring out the little drops. She had a blast putting them in the stacking cups then throwing them around on the bed. They have no medication in them so I had no concerns with her playing with them.

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