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Beginning Fitness Training

I haven’t really worked out since I gave birth last January. That’s a long tim. I prefer to be active but finding time (or, lets be honest, making time) has been difficult. I like my sleep and staying up much later after little lady has gone to sleep is nearly impossible and getting up early with coninued interrupted sleep, yeah, that’s nearly impossible too. I’m also the type of person that likes to have a goal and a routine. Well…

This year my office sent a notice that we are joining Corporate Challenge. I’m so excited! I did Corporat Challenge with my company back in high school and had a great time. I also like to be active but need more of an incentive than just my own health, not that my health isn’t enough of a reason. Having a goal and a deadline really helps me.

A few weeks ago my sister asked me to do the Color Run 5k on May 7th with her. That one looks like it will be a lot of fun so I told her I’d do it with her. With all these activities, I need to get trained up! Honestly, we’ve been training since March 8th together. We have 6 more weeks to train. It’s coming fast.


She has a Planet Fitness membership and gets me in with her for free. She’s doing the Couch-to-5k (c25k) app training and since I’ve been going with her I’ve been follwing c25k too. It kicked my tush last Tuesday but I kicked it back on our thursday workout. We have another workout tonight.

Try as hard as I might, I can’t get to the gym with her all the time for every training session. My husgand and sister bought me Beach Body’s Focus T25 (I’m not an affiliate or a seller. I just really like the program) so I’ve decided to add those to my training routine. I did this program with my sister at the beginning of 2014 and really liked it. Got some great results and turned up pregnant in week 8 of the 10 week program.

Since the workout is literally 25 minutes, it was easy to get up earlier by 35 minutes. Have to get dressed and put the DVD in. It’s by the same coach that created Insanity, Shaun T. I haven’t done the Insanity program but I know some people who did and I’m pretty intinidated by that program. This one seems to be toned down. It’s still a full body workout, can be difficult, but it has layers, as in a modifyer (his term). So if you’re not ready for the full move then you can watch someone that is modifying the move to make it a little easier.

So far, I think our workouts are going well. I think it’s about time to test myself and see if I can run a hile and a half without stopping.

2 thoughts on “Beginning Fitness Training”

  1. So awesome! I tried the C25K once and didn’t complete it. Maybe I should try again with a stroller now that the weather is nice!


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