An Activity Board – Cardboard Tube Fun

I’ve been seeing these activity boards all over my Pinterest page and YouTube channel feeds. Since they are pretty awesome I made on this weekend. This is the third one I’ve made for my little miss.

Of course, before I made my first activity board I created a DIY – Baby and Kids Pinterest page. That came first and I put all kinds of things on that page, not just activity boards. I have limited time with my girl so that board is dedicated to all kinds of activities. I made this Baby & Kids Activity Boards & Bags YouTube playlist that is more dedicated to these activity boards.

At Christmas, my little miss played with all the rolls of wrapping paper (4 rolls to be exact) I had laying around. When we used all the paper on one roll, I gave her the tube. We had all kinds of fun. Bonking each other and putting those little pom poms down the tube. So…


I’ve been collecting these cardboard tubes when our paper towels run out just for this board and this weekend I had some time to put it all together.

Please forgive the mess. Real life is fun and often messy. I’m going to show you real life here, not doctored life.

Cardboard Tube Activity Board – Gather Supplies
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks for glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Paper Towel Rolls (I used 2)
  • Poster Board
First I cut one roll in half. Then I cut out a large rectangular notch from each half.
I cut the second roll into thirds and cut notches in those pieces as well.

I needed somewhere for the little pom poms to land so I cut the top off the bottle. It was pretty ragged so I cut it again to make it smoother.

Ignore that other board. I made that a few weeks ago. My babe brought it to me as I was cutting things so I just put it on the table.

Once I had all my pieces, I did a test layout on the board.


Let baby play with the board before everything is glued on and the glue is heating up
Once I wrestled the board back, I quickly glued everything in place. It’s a different layout, but oh well. It works still.
Take a break before you play… my sister and I went for long walk with a sleeping baby.
ACTION! Upside down but she gets the idea.

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